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Are You Buying a Money Pit?

One of the worst fears about buying a home is determining if it is going to need a lot of work done or if it is in great shape. Many of the repairs it may need are not visible to the untrained eye and you may not know some of the repairs are needed until it causes a lot of damage. Here are some ways you can avoid buying a house that will need thousands of dollars of repairs.

Check Out the Basement

The basement is going to give you a good idea of the workmanship and the quality of materials that were used when building the home. You can also smell for mildew which may be an indication that the basement is leaking. Most basements are also the place where the furnace, plumbing and electrical systems are located so you can take a look at those while you are down there.

Look for Water Damage

Water damage can be one of the worst things for a house. In addition to causing damage to the foundation and the structure, water damage can also cause a toxic black mold infestation which makes the house virtually uninhabitable. Check the plumbing fixtures in the bathrooms and the kitchen and look for leaks. Also, inspect the caulk around the window seals and on the plumbing fixtures. If it is worn away, there is a chance that water damage has already occurred. The smell of mold is another telltale sign that the house has experienced big leaks lately.

Consider the Cosmetics

You might think that certain cosmetic things on the house can be changed once you move in, but you can start paying thousands of dollars just to change things that are a matter of preference. When looking at the house, you might think that you can live with these changes, but the more you live with them, the more likely you are to want to change them.